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Water Reclamation System
The simple, robust and efficient Water Reclamation System designed by CPS makes it possible to bring process water to an acceptable quality level – either for reuse or for discharge.

The technique is based on passing contaminated water through an ‘in-line’ bundle of compressed fibers and offers substantial performance and cost advantages over conventional methods.

  • + Precise particle size removal (below 5 micron)
  • + Forward flushing using only a small quantity of process water
  • + No consumables except for electricity
  • + Minimal energy requirements
  • + pH control (optional)

Recommended for use, among other, in:
  • + Car wash industry
  • + Concrete industry
  • + Industrial laundries
  • + Beer and wine industry (filtration of product AND of wastewater)

Download this Water Reclamation System brochure (PDF: 1169k) to learn more.

Water Reclamation System specifically adapted to Car Wash industry
Download this Car Wash Water Reclaim System brochure (PDF: 282k) to learn more.

NEW! NEW! NEW! Water Reclamation System specifically adapted to Concrete industry
Download this Concrete Water Reclamation System brochure (PDF: 244k) to learn more.

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