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CPAT - Control & Process Analytical Technology
PAT – Process Analytical Technology represents a significant opportunity to reduce time to market, improve and optimize your process as well as lower manufacturing costs in all aspects of a pharmaceutical and biological development and manufacturing operation. The challenge of any PAT project is the combination and control of a wide variety of instruments from different vendors that are uniformly integrated with industry standard data analysis software packages while making real-time process equipment control decisions with a seamless and easy to use operator interface that includes reporting, data storage and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Please download this CPAT - Control & Process Analytical Technology brochure (PDF: 1.3MB) to learn more.
Compatible with Any Instrument
CPAT interfaces with any instrument that has a communications port capable of providing data and allowing control. NIR Spectrometer, HPLC, FTIR and many others.
Modeling, Chemometrics, Multivariate & Univariate Data Analysis
CPAT utilizes standard off the shelf software products such as MatLab, Umetrics, Unscrambler, etc. to perform modeling, chemometric and multivariate – univariate data analysis.
End Point Determination, Prediction & Critical Quality Attributes
CPAT integrates the results from the data analysis tools with the real time process and equipment control systems to help make real time release decisions.
Easy to Use Operator Interface
CPAT provides application specific process graphics and trends, operator controls and diagnostic/alarm management. If you have a site wide automation system then CPAT can be used within your existing SCADA or information management interface. Methods and recipes are stored and managed by CPAT..
Data Storage and Archiving
CPAT provides the option for local data storage or the use of your plant wide data historian / servers / databases.
Process Control System Interface
CPAT interfaces with every major brand of Process/PLC/DCS control system through the use of industry standard bidirectional communications (OPC, Profibus, Ethernet, etc.).
S88 Batch Automation
CPAT can be integrated into your existing S88 Batch automation system as a phase or unit operation.
Batch Reporting
CPAT offers a variety of reporting options. CPAT can generate reports locally or the CPAT data can be used with other database or report packages.
To assure system and data integrity CPAT offers configurable security levels. CPAT supports the use of company security access codes to log in, operate and modify the system (Domain Security) or simply local access security.
Consulting, Integration and Turnkey Installation
CPS has over three decades of automation and consulting experience to guide you to a successful integration and implementation of a CPAT system.

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